Instagram Fashion: March

I love doing these posts at the end of the month because it gives me a chance to go back through all the fashion I’ve saved and realize commonalities I that I didn’t recognize before. February had a strong hippie vibe and this month it seems my crush was on menswear. You all know how much I love my feminine style, so you won’t be … Continue reading Instagram Fashion: March

outfit post how to style tennis skirt and blazer

Outfit Post: Blazer and Tennis Skirt

So you’re rummaging through the thrift store and you come across a 1980’s style tennis skirt, complete with wild patterns and colors. You love it, but can you pull it off? Of course, you can! Or maybe you want to flash a good bit of leg, but you’d like to keep it on the classy side of things. Can you do that? Yes, you can! … Continue reading Outfit Post: Blazer and Tennis Skirt