The Birds Don’t Compare

One of the really simple things that makes me happy is waking up and laying in bed listening to the birds outside my window. Some chirp, some whistle, some screech. Some talk fast, some slow. I love to hear their variations. It got me thinking: How absurd it is to imagine one species of bird being jealous or envious of another bird’s song. I can’t … Continue reading The Birds Don’t Compare

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Do You Trust Yourself?

I have failed so many times. Public failures. Private failures. I’ve been called a failure; I’ve called myself a failure. I’ve given up so many times. I’ve been energized, and I’ve watched my energy dwindle. I’ve fallen in and out of love with others and with myself. Do I trust myself? Honestly, kinda. Kinda is not the best answer by far, but it’s damn better … Continue reading Do You Trust Yourself?

20 Organization Tips for The Messy Writer

The writer at his desk is surrounded by crumpled failed drafts, stacks of newspapers and books. He is disheveled, eccentric, misanthropic. In all honesty, I find the image quite noble. Growing up, I wanted to be that person. I wanted the intense focus; the seclusive nature- the endless quiet, save birds and music. I wanted the frustrations and the breakthroughs, the ring of coffee on … Continue reading 20 Organization Tips for The Messy Writer