Nailed It… By a Hair.

It’s nice to be thrifty but…. Damn is it nice to do things for oneself. Listen, I am the Queen of Thrifty and “Is it on sale?” and “Hell no, that’s way too much money!” I hate spending money, especially on myself. Well let me rephrase that: I used to hate it, now I just find it uncomfortable. It’s a thing I learned indirectly from my mother whom I never saw spend more than two dollars on her personal appearance. I do not exaggerate. In my mind, getting my nails done at a salon was an expense reserved for special occasions.

Compound that with an ex-spouse who saw just about everything as a waste of money and the result was this: by my mid-twenties I had gone to a nail salon not more than 4 times– two of those times was for my senior prom and my wedding. A sorry state of affairs, no doubt. Not because it was necessary for my happiness, but because I truly felt like doing things for myself, pampering or simple maintenence was a bottom  of the priority list item.

Through my experiences, I had overblown the simple things that ladies do to look and feel good to be something monumental. I rarely felt worthy of monumental…

Like we all know, spending money can have addicting qualities. I’ve always been afraid of becoming addicted. Addicted to anything. So in one sense my rough start has turned me into a more cautious consumer and a pretty impressive DIYer. I went a whole year once only sewing clothes when I wanted something new. I’ve decorated a lovely home for the price of two gallons of milk. The key: spray paint, learning to reupholster and creative thinking.

My point in all of this talk is this: Don’t live in extremes. You don’t need to spend tons of money to feel special ( but don’t neglect to treat yourself. Make yourself feel special, especially on those days that you don’t feel it. Every day is monumental.

So I went into the nail salon today and saw a mother walk in with her daughter; the girl just took a seat and read a magazine while her mom got a pedicure, but I thought to myself, she probably has no idea what this simple act is teaching her daughter–it was something I never saw growing up. We don’t want to raise spoiled prissy girls, but girls who grow up to see that doing something for themselves, whether

getting a manicure

securing a few hours of alone time

buying those shoes you can’t get out of you mind

taking a class

or purchasing that organic handmade soap with the intoxicating fragrance

is okay. It’s okay to take care of ourselves and not feel guilty. I’m still working on it; but in this case, that’s all part of the fun.

One thought on “Nailed It… By a Hair.

  1. My mom is the same way, never spending a dime on herself but when she does she really deserves it. As for myself i hate spending my own money but other peoples (referring to mom) is okay for some reason or another.


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