Conversation With A Fly On My Window Screen: Based On a True Story

Me: So how’s your day going? You tired? Did you eat well here or no?

The Fly: Humans have no idea just how filthy their houses are. I’ll be living out the rest of my life here, Lady. Your house is a paradise.

Me: How come you aren’t in the kitchen with the other flies? You wanted a break? Some peace and quiet?

Fly: She recognizes that these are the signs that I want to be alone, and yet she persist in talking to me. Her husband has probably left her for this very reason.

Me: (to myself, but aloud) Look at him just staring off at the sunset. I guess all kinds of creatures have personalities, huh?

Fly: Humans are arrogant as hell. They find surprise that we have personalities. And then they assume that we are such animals (in the worst sense of the word) that we haven’t the senses to appreciate the beauty of nature. Condescending pricks.



If you’re wondering what in the heck you just read, my answer is I have no clue. It’s a mixture of things. A real conversation that I had with a fly in my house, a short film, a Broadway musical. I just thought it would be funny to give the fly a voice instead of me doing all of the talking, and this is what I came up with. Weird enough for you?

You ever talk to the creatures around your house (or yard)? If you aren’t writing it down, you definitely should. Good things come from life’s random moments. Hope you liked this one.

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