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Ditching School

Was anyone else afraid of ditching school growing up? I consider myself a risk-taker and a rule bender. My relationship with rules is like a high school relationship. Mostly casual, a lot of talk, and a few scares. There’s also been drama, but for the most we’ve given each other our space. But there was always something about ditching school that terrified me. I never … Continue reading Ditching School

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Give Me Options or Give Me Death

Imagine this scene. You’ve had a long day. You are late to work as usual and looking to score some coffee. You’re willing to risk the walk of shame to get it. Lauryn at the front desk will give you the eye; your supervisor will glance down at her watch, sending a surefire signal that she knows; you don’t care. You had tossed and turned all night. … Continue reading Give Me Options or Give Me Death